Do you want to empower staff with the knowledge and skills to thrive? Do you want to create an inspiring working environment? Do you want to learn from some of the best business brains in Nigeria? If your organisation is in need of professional training or business consultancy, ETCFORALL can to sharpen the skills of individuals and companies from all kinds of industries and from every part of the world.

Why choose ETCFORALL?

A wealth of choice

With more than 500 hundred management courses to choose from you’ll always be able to find a module directly relevant to your business needs. Our courses last between one day and two weeks and are repeated every four months so you can choose a time that works for you.

Professional working experience

Our training doesn’t come from a manual. It comes fresh from the workplace. All of our consultants are practising business professionals with established careers and reputations. Their knowledge is current, and their guidance is practical. They know exactly how to help because they walk in your shoes every working day.

When you’re dealing with an issue that can’t be resolved by a management course alone, our consulting services can help. Led by highly experienced working professionals, often with direct experience in your particular field, our consultancy service digs deep into issues to isolate problems and design responses. Every consultation kicks off with a deep dive into your business and ends with a clear action plan created just for you.

Client relationships

Once they’ve found us, our clients tend to stay. The bulk of our business comes from returning clients. That first training experience often marks the start of a professional relationship that can last years. A relationship that can influence and improve every part of an organisation. The more we learn about you, they more effective we become.


Technology is changing the way we work on an almost daily basis. By picking course leaders with ongoing and successful careers, we ensure the training we deliver is fit for modern business. We also embrace the opportunities provided by change. ETCFORALL is entirely paperless, with all course materials, documentation and communication delivered as part of a sustainable and seamless digital experience.