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Our Vision

To address Africa’s greatest social economic challenges through innovative technology solutions by offering opportunity platforms for growing quality and knowledgeable generation of startups in a new nation building transformation agenda.

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“Impacts and opportunities from COVID-19″

ETCFORALL INNOVATORS Start-up Opportunities Gateway (ESOG) calls on young professionals and students from around Nigeria to create a blog post exploring how COVID-19 exposed fragilities and strengths of waste management worldwide. Take part to win and secure an automatic employment with us. The theme of this month’s competition, ‘Impacts and opportunities from COVID-19’, is a challenge for all of us to join the ongoing discussion aimed at improving waste and resource management –  minimize waste generation, improve resilience and unveil the excellence of the ground workforce. Bloggers are challenged to envision how individuals, communities, waste management companies, municipalities and government can increase the resilience of the waste sector and share best practices. Entries should be original, engaging, passionate, and no longer than 600 words. Participants can increase their chances of winning by promoting their posts on social media, as the resonance of blogs will be considered by the judges.

COMPETITION AWARDS:  winner – Business setup and free training on health management.


  • Open for Blog submission: 17th December 2020
  • Blog Submission Deadline: 2nd January 2020
  •    Winners Announcement: 23rd February 2020


  •  Entries must be in English. Writing should be concise and correct. British or American spelling is accepted if used consistently throughout the post.
  • Entrants must be between 18 and 35 years of age.
  • Entries must be submitted by the author and not on someone else’s behalf.
  •  Each entrant may only submit one blog post.
  • The blog post must be original.

To enter the competition, bloggers should:

  • Write a compelling blog post up to 600 words (excluding citations and figures) on this month’s theme, ‘Impacts and opportunities from COVID-19’’.
  • Post the blog post on Facebook, your own website, or LinkedIn. Participants MUST do the following:
  • a, Make sure that the post can be viewed by the public.
  • b, Include the following text at the end of the post – This blog has been submitted to the 2020 Entrepreneurship For All.
  • c,  Use the hashtags #ETCFORALL

For queries send an email to with the email’s subject: ESOG2020_First Name_Last Name. No responsibility is accepted for entries that are disqualified or which are not received for whatever reason.

ASSESSMENT CRITERIA for the selection of the best blog:

  • Qualified entries will undergo a full process of double-blind assessment.
  •  The score will be distributed (70% – Reviewers’ scores 30% – Number of shares and likes in the original(s) post(s) shared by the participant, received by the 2nd January 2020.)
  • The quality and relevance between the identification of the issue and the proposal.
  • The expression of ideas in a concise and specific manner.
  • Decisions from Judges are final.

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